Dylan Kight

Born in Atlanta, Dylan Kight is a singer/songwriter/musician, currently based in North Georgia.


A prolific songwriter, Dylan’s musical style blends Folk, Indie-Rock and Country, creating a unique brand of Americana. Influences range from Wilco, Jason Isbell, Tom Petty, The Band, Big Star, and My Morning Jacket.


Dylan began fronting his own band in 2001, working through various lineups, band names and genres, eventually going solo in 2006 to pursue his unique songwriting style. In 2010, he recorded his first solo EP, Places In Between, with David Barbe in Athens, GA. Shortly after, Dylan resumed playing with other musicians and co-founded the group Dark Horses.

In 2012, however, Dylan’s personal life brought two life-changing events as he lost both his father and his marriage, prompting a decision to take a hiatus from music. It was at this time he found other passions, namely running— and running a lot, as he ran a marathon; several half marathons, in fact. He also got really serious about Little League Baseball, as a five-time manager. During this period of personal growth, Dylan relocated several times, eventually remarrying and settling in Woodstock, Georgia.


After years away, Dylan revisited his desire to perform and reentered the music scene, founding Brilliant Mistakes in 2020. Under this band they released the 2022 full-length album, Outsiders, which went on to receive 15,000 streams on Spotify in that year alone. In 2023, Dylan resumed his focus on solo material, playing all over Georgia and beyond, including breweries, bars, festivals, and private events. 


His newest band, The Reasons To Run, are currently hard at work in the studio. They plan to release their first single in October ’23, with a full album expected Spring ’24. 


Artists Supported:

American Aquarium

Tim Easton

Matthew Ryan

Hotel Lights(of Ben Folds Five)

The Ravenna Colt(of My Morning Jacket)

The Cave Singers


Notable Venues:

Smith’s Olde Bare Atlanta, GA

Eddie’s Attic Atlanta, GA

40 Watt Athens, GA

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